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What aspect of your life is asking for attention? How do you imagine your life beyond the stuckness of today? Experts agree that neural networks in the human brain (yoga calls these samskaras) can reorganize and give way to new pathways for new thoughts and behaviors. Other experts agree that healing is achieved through the release of trauma pockets in the body. I agree with both and that's how this program was born.

  • Weekly 1:1 Therapeutic Yoga Sessions (45 min)

  • Mini check-ins via text

  • Library of guided meditations and videos

  • Journal prompts and worksheets

  • Personalized yoga video

  • Ayurvedic recommendations




Real, lasting change requires consistency and repetition because the brain is malleable, its called neuro-plasticity. In your first month, I'll craft a personalized daily routine (sadhana) for you based on your dosha. Dosha is your unique mind-body type according to Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga. Your daily practice is a video and includes written daily tracker. 




The next area of focus is the process of going inward for self-study (svadhyaya) to discover your truest desires and that which stands in the way through journal prompts, mediation, and self-compassion practices. During this period of deep reflection, you'll assimilate, absorb, and eliminate long-held beliefs and patterns (samskaras). Includes a pdf of journal prompts. 

Weeks 9-12


Commitment to your self-care routine and the discoveries you made during self-study has prepared you for the rising upward into the truest version of you and the life you had imagined (dharma).  Now is the time to nurture, affirm, and reinforce the practices that keep your tree flourishing. A mini-workbook with manifestation practices and guided meditations (audio) support this part of the process.


Let's have a 30min zoom call and see how it feels

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