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A recovery-based program designed for your unique mind-body profile

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Practical Tools

Easy to Implement


Your story matters

Are you dealing with fear and anxiety in your day-to-day life?


Do you suffer from people pleasing and deny your own needs?


Do you have a hard time trusting yourself and/or others?


Does perfectionism steal your time and keep you from completing things?


Do you over-give to others and feel uncomfortable receiving? 

Do you feel like you've lost your voice and have a hard time saying what you want?

The Issues Live In Your Tissues

When we experience a traumatic event, the body logs it in the nervous system which creates a physical memory and, sometime later, emotional symptoms such as the ones described above start to appear. Even when we don’t consciously remember what happened, the body carries the physical memories.

There Is a Solution

Your body has its own roadmap to navigate its unique healing  journey and this is your launchpad. Connect your personal experiences to their body memories and infuse them with healing practices to find freedom and ease.

  • Assessment and personalized plan based on your mind-body profile, addiction history, and recovery goals

  • Weekly 1:1 therapeutic yoga sessions (60 min)

  • Library of meditations and videos

  • Journal prompts booklet

  • Ayurvedic recommendations

  • Mid-week check-ins  


Via Zoom or Phone

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