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The Chakras & Recovery

An interactive workshop for people on the sober path including those who are sober curious.

Join Sadie in this illuminating workshop designed by someone on the sober path for others on the sober path, including those who are sober curious, alcohol and drug counselors, yoga teachers and mental health practitioners. 


Class will include experiential exercises, group discussions, and reflective practices to increase your understanding of the mind-body connection and its relevance to addiction and recovery. You'll gain insight into which energy centers (chakras) may require your attention and practical tools, including breathwork, movement, mindfulness, and mantra, to foster awareness, connection, inner peace and strength. 

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Meet Sadie Barr (she/her)

Hi! I'm Sadie and I'm a person in recovery. I'm also a Sobriety Mentor and Yoga and Meditation Teacher with over a decade of experience helping thousands of people affected by addiction find their center and reclaim their power.


My teachings are rooted in neuroscience, yoga philosophy, western psychology, meditation, breathwork, and Ayurveda. I holds a BS in Psychology and Human Development and is a Continuing Education Provider and 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. Sadie’s meditations and courses on the Insight Timer app are rated among the top in their category.


I deeply struggled with addiction beginning at age 14- jails, institutions and near death. I've been clean and sober since 2011 and I use my personal experiences to inform my work as a professional.


🌻Live in your head and feel disconnected from your body

🌻Have an interest in yoga and meditation as a healing modality

🌻Want to know more about how trauma manifests in the body

🌻You're sober curious or in recovery and want to add to your toolkit

🌻You have a desire to support people on their recovery journey


✅How connection with your tribe heals your body

✅Basic nervous system functions and how to self-regulate 

✅The nature of emotions and how to experience them in new way

✅The physical manifestation of shame and how to shift shame stories 

✅The interplay between yoga and polyvagal theory



🧘‍♀️A discussion on neuroscience, trauma, the psychology of yoga 

🧘‍♀️Breath practices that soothe, energize, and balance the mind and body

🧘‍♀️Mini-practices designed specifically for addiction and recovery

🧘‍♀️Practical information about the chakra system from a scientific lens

🧘‍♀️A journaling workbook in pdf form to add to your self-inquiry practice

🧘‍♀️A recording of the class that doesn't expire (for online option only)

Ways to Join



Coming Soon!

To register:

 Email to RSVP.


In-Person Bend, OR

Sat, May 18, 2024 




Yoga Shala Bend

806 NW Brooks St, Bend, OR 97703

(Brooks St is the alley way between Drake Park and downtown)


In-Person Bend, OR

Sat, June 22, 2024



Namaspa Yoga Community

1135 NW Galveston Ave, Bend, OR 97703

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