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Addiction was an effort to soothe unfelt, unacknowledged pain. It softened the edges of chronic self-doubt, low self-esteem and long-held trauma. Eventually, the very thing that provided relief was starting to kill me. I was a daily meth user for eight years. It is nothing short of a miracle that I'm alive, let alone a college graduate teaching yoga and meditation.  


My journey on the yogic path began the same year I ventured into the realm of recovery. I didn't know what was happening in those first few classes except that I felt less anxious and had this sort of magnetic pull to go back. That was in 2011. The more I learned about the complex interplay of trauma, addiction and the nervous system the more this yoga stuff started to make sense. In 2014 I started teaching. 

Yoga is a spiritual practice; a way of living. In the West, it's been largely reduced to a fitness regime, photo-worthy poses and yoga pants. As well, Indian and South Asian yoga teachers are marginalized here in the US. As a white woman teaching yoga, acknowledging and respecting the depth of Indian culture is essential. I realize I know only a little and I aim to learn more. 

I'm a proud parent to an incredibly talented tattoo artist who brings immense joy to my life. Outside of work, you'll often find me seeking solace on a mountaintop. I live in beautiful Bend, OR nestled between the lush forests of the cascade range and the high desert.



  • BS, Psychology & Human Development

  • 500hr Yoga Alliance Registered

    • Interpersonal Neurobiology​

    • Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

    • Yoga Therapy & Ayurvedic Principles

    • Adaptive Yoga

  • 200hr Yoga & Social Justice Teacher Training 

  • Yoga of 12-Step Recovery Certification with Nikki Meyers

  • Insight Timer Meditation App Teacher

  • Mindfulness Mentor Certification with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield (in process)

  • ACES Training

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