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Loosen your grip

This week in class we've been discussing equanimity (steadiness during the storm) and what gets in the way of experiencing it. Several students and myself chimed in with examples of their own mind habits (which is the term I use for character defects cuz it's better for my self compassion) that stand in the way of their peace.



Old stories about myself

What others think about me

Feeling less than

Self doubt

The list goes on

Interestingly, all of these ways of thinking are directly related to the solar plexus which, if you've been following my recent ramblings, you'll remember is also a key player in digestion. A balanced solar plexus also provides feelings of confidence, strength, and assuredness in who you are. It's your power center. But the mind habits knock it off course.

Loosen your grip and free yourself from the clutches of perfectionism, self-doubt, and old beliefs.

Yours on the path,


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