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Emotions aren't a call to action

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Today in class we were exploring a principle that's been a theme since I got clean and sober- emotions aren't a call to action. Feelings are uncomfortable for many and intolerable for some. Brains that have endured trauma often have an overdeveloped emotional brain that will override the logical brain.

When life serves it up and big waves of emotions hit, it's common to want to do something about it. The aversion (dvesha) to the feelings paired with the desire (raga) to not feel them provides short-term relief, but postpones long-term growth.

When the emotional brain overrides the logical brain, the best action we can take is to sit still; pause; wait. This pause allows space for the nervous system to settle and the wise mind to come on board. The answers will come when your own house is in order as they say.

Just for today, remember- emotions aren't a call to action. Here's a 5-min breathing practice to facilitate connection to your wisdom center.

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