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A workshop for people in recovery
Sun, March 28, 2021
10am-12pm PT Online

Image by rishi


The root chakra concerns itself with safety and stability and is the foundation for which the body thrives. Just as a program of recovery needs strong legs to stand on so does the body. A balanced root equals good health, vitality, being grounded and comfortable in the body, the ability to relax and be still, and a sense of trust in the world. 

When out of balance this energy center presents in a multitude of behaviors and characteristics including anxiousness, chronic disorganization, poor boundaries, can’t settle/restless, hoarding, addiction to security, fear of change, rigid boundaries and sluggish/tired/lazy.


  • Live-streaming content and interaction with me (this is not pre-recorded).

  • Guided meditation.

  • Heaps of information on the root chakra with a visual presentation.

  • Journaling activities for self-reflection.

  • Gentle movement and breathwork.

  • Mantra and mudra.

  • Replay of the recording.

  • 2 CE credits with Yoga Alliance

Image by Dingzeyu Li
Image by Gabby Orcutt


  • The difference between an over and under-charged root chakra

  • Characteristics of the root when it’s out of balance

  • Physical malfunctions associated with the root chakra

  • Healing practices that support the health of the chakra

  • Types of traumas that impede on it's development


$35 single workshop

$150 complete series (Under $22 per workshop)

Learn more about the complete chakra series. This is the last chance to sign up for the whole series at a discount. 

Scholarships are available for those who are struggling financially. Please inquire by emailing me at

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