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Sadie's Quinoa Recipe


2C quinoa (uncooked)

32oz veggie or chicken stock

1/4C olive oil

1/4 C rice vinegar

1/4C lime juice

1 sweet red pepper

1 shallot

1 avocado

1C cashews

12-15 basil leaves

sale & pepper to taste


1. Cook the quinoa

Bring quinoa and chick/veg stock to a boil then turn down to low heat and simmer ~12-15 min or til all the liquid is dissolved. Once cool, fluff with a fork (fluffing it will keep it from lumping together when you mix it).

2. Prepare the veggies

Dice the pepper, shallot, and avocado into small pieces. Ribbon the basil.

3. Make the dressing

Whisk olive oil, vinegar and lime juice. Give it another whisk before adding it to the cool quinoa to ensure it gets mixed up.

4. Mix it up

When the quinoa is cool, add the veggies, dressing, and cashews. Salt and pepper to taste.

Yours on the path, 



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