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Root Chakra & Addiction

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

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At birth, we’re completely dependent on our caretakers. We can’t yet feed, clothe, or protect ourselves. It’s absolutely imperative that we form connections with other humans for the sake of survival. This is the life imperative of the root chakra- acquiring safety, connection, and belonging. We find this by forming tribes, or families, and also through attachment to our primary caregiver(s).

But sometimes the environment (past or present) doesn’t provide enough resources for us to feel safe. If the love, connection, or reciprocity that is need from our caregiver(s) is missing, the energy of the root chakra becomes unstable. If this pattern continues, life will always have an undercurrent of fear, insecurity, ungroundedness. Even if we form secure attachments to our caregivers early in life, life still throws us curveballs (ie COVID-19) that cause us to feel scared, insecure, and ungrounded.


A lifetime (or era) of fear, insecurity, and undgroundedness resulting in an out of balance root chakra more often than not manifests as addictive/compulsive behaviors. Why? Because in an effort to reunite with the feeling of stability we cling to outside things for security. We grasp for something, anything, to nurture the need for safety, connection, and belonging.

Many of us in recovery experience this phenomenon called 'whack-a-mole' where we get one addiction licked and another pops up. First its alcohol then shopping; sex then sugar; gambling then shopping again and the list goes on ad infinitum. No matter how many sets of steps we work, therapy sessions we have, or prayers we say, these addictions keep making their rounds full circle. Why? Because we aren't addressing the root (punny, right) of the problem. The issues live in our tissues- we have to address the physical manifestations of held trauma.

The issues live in our tissues- we have to address the physical manifestations of held trauma.


  1. Mantra- I am safe. Mantras are subtle yet powerful ways to redirect energy. Repeating this phrase- I am safe- over and over will communicate to your body that everything is ok.

  2. Food- eat root veggies like yams, beets, and onion. They grow underground and are rich in earth energy. Remember, root chakra needs groundedness.

  3. Mindful Yoga- a mindfulness based yoga practice takes the nervous system from fight-flight to rest & digest. It grounds and centers- just what the root chakra needs.

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