12-Step Meditations

A meditation on each step in the 12 step process. Do them in whatever order you like!

10-Day Course 

This course weaves together body, breath, and mind practices rooted in eastern traditions, western psychology, and the 12-steps. These are all strategies I’ve used in my own life which have deepened my recovery immensely. The objective is to give you additional tools that will help you practice the principles in all your affairs. 

  • Each lesson will include a practice and homework. 

  • You will need a pen, paper, and a comfortable seat.

Journey Through the Chakras

(A work in progress- stay tuned for more!)

The chakra system is an excellent roadmap for navigating the body to uncover, discover, and unhelpful patterns. This series of meditations will help you get out of your head and into your body by tending to the energy centers (chakras) that influence your emotional, physical, and spiritual states. 

  • It's recommended to do these in order.

  • Only a comfortable seat is required (even in a chair).